Julio Aparicio, one of Spain’s most famous matadors, is gored by a bull in 2010. Getty images

…sorry son of a bitch had it coming, especially considering what happens to the bull before and after

Why they call it bull FIGHTING and not bull murder. Sometimes the bull wins.

The bull always dies, it never wins. In the days leading up to the “fight”, it’s stabbed repeatedly, mutilated, and psychologically broken down to the point that it can hardly hold up its own head. As you can see, it enters the ring bleeding from a wound that has been kept open for days. Eventually, the bull will be stabbed several times until the other cowards attempt to deliver the fatal blow while it’s on the ground, gurgling on its own blood. All the people involved with this are cowards. The bull always loses.

Fucking awesome.  Cock Sucker can suck two cocks at once now.

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